1st Annual Brooklyn Kenshikai Children's Tournament
December 14, 2002
This special event was a great success, thanks to the participation of all involved:
• The children who competed from Shihan Monte Allen's Dojo
• The children who competed from Shuseki Shihan Oliver's Dojo
• The children who competed from Kyoshi Paul Sookdar's Dojo
•The parents and spectators who were so enthusiastic, supportive and patient
•The judges, scorekeepers, security and administrators
• The video photographers, Senpai Ric & Steve Macauley (see bottom of page)

White & Blue Belts
Yellow Belts
Green Belts
Brown Belts
Black Belts
Scenes from the Tournament
The video of this event is now available at the Brooklyn Kenshikai Dojo!

On sale for only $15, this VHS tape is a beautifully filmed and masterfully edited 1-hour show.
Call 646-732-4564 or e-mail the dojo to order yours!

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