Kingston, Jamaica

May 9, 2003


Advanced Brown Belt Pamela Goldberg placed 2nd in Kumite.
Brown Belt Alison Iryami placed 3rd place in Kata and Kumite.
Brown Belt Marissa Copeland placed 2nd in Kata.

Shihan Monte Allen, Sensei Jose Sanchez, Sensei Desmond Moodie, Senpai Ricky Shanley and Jodo Sensei Harvey King participated in various demonstrations performed on stage for the entire audience. Two of our Senseis (Jose and Desi) did 18 Shadows Kage Kata together. Several of our group, including one set with Shihan and Sensei Harvey, did Jodo Kata. And then Shihan Monte, with the help of Senpai Ricky and Sensei Desi, performed self defense techniques which really blew the entire audience away with his speed and effectiveness.
Thanks to Karen Gordon for the photos!

Congratulations to all who traveled to Jamaica for the Zendokaikan Karate 10th Anniversary tournament. Zendokaikan founder Sosai Lambert Plummer is Shihan Monte Allen's brother, which made this a very special trip. Accompanying Shihan on the trip were Sensei Jose Sanchez, Sensei Desmond Moodie, Senpai Ricky Shanley, Junior Shodans Matt Gordon, Adam Gordon (with parents Robert and Karen), Rogelio Thomas, Jr. (with his dad), Jodo Sensei Harvey King, Advanced Brown Belt Pamela Goldberg, Brown belts Juan Fernandez, Alison Iryami and Marissa Copeland.

After the tournament our group traveled to Negril to relax, party, eat, drink and be merry. Shihan Monte and Sensei Desi also were able to visit their families in Jamaica.

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